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No internet? Slow internet? Traveling?

You can access digital files for our free YouTube tutorials via these SD cards. They can be played in any computer, tv or tablet with an SD card slot. If your computer or other electronic device does not read an SD card directly you can use a card adapter. We offer one for your convenience here.

**Please note that you may get several files on one larger capacity SD card. You will not necessarily get each of the titles below on its own SD card.


2D Brown Hare - Compatible with the 2D Brown Hare Supply Pack

2D Fox in Field - Compatible with the 2D Fox in Field Supply Pack

2D Hummingbird - Compatible with the 2D Hummingbird Supply Pack

2D Rooster - Compatible with the 2D Rooster Supply Pack

2D Snowshoe Hare - Compatible with the 2D Snowshoe Hare Supply Pack

Baby Owl Tutorial - Compatible with the Baby Owl Supply Pack

Baby Penguin Tutorial - Compatible with the Baby Penguin Supply Pack

Baby Seal Tutorial - Compatible with the Baby Seal Supply Pack

Basket Bunny Tutorial - Compatible with the Basket Bunny Supply Pack

Bees Tutorial - Compatible with the Bees Supply Pack

Brown Hare Tutorial - Compatible with the Brown Hare Supply Pack

Camel Tutorial - This one is a beast! Try your hand at a camel, compatible with the Camel Supply Pack

Carolina Wren - Compatible with the 3D Carolina Wren Supply Pack
(the 2D Carolina Wren is a Live Felt Along replay available on our YouTube, we do not have it available on SD card.)

Cat Tutorial - Compatible with the Cat Supply Pack

Chick Tutorial - Compatible with the Chick Supply Pack

Chipmunk Tutorial - Take a stab at a chipmunk! Compatible with the Chipmunk Supply Pack

Doe and Fawn - Compatible with the Doe and Fawn Supply Pack

Donkey Tutorial - Compatible with the Donkey Supply Pack

Doodle Bugz - Compatible with the Doodle Bugz Supply Pack.

Duckling - Compatible with the Duckling Supply Pack

Elves Tutorial - Compatible with the Elves Supply Pack

Forest Folk - This SD file contains our 3 part Forest Folk tutorial. There is not a supply pack. You need a toothpick or skewer, core wool, top coat, flesh tone, and curls. You can find all necessary supplies in our shop. Look specifically for top coats, core wool, and specialty locks and fibers.

Fox Tutorial - make a fox from start to finish with a wire armature. Compatible with our *new* Fox Supply Pack

Frog Tutorial - Compatible with the Frog Supply Pack

Goat - Compatible with the (updated) Goat Supply Pack

Gnome Tutorial (Full-Sized) - Compatible with the 4 part full-sized Gnome Supply Pack

Goldfish - Compatible with the Goldfish Supply Pack

Hedgie Tutorial - Compatible with the Hedgie Supply Pack

Mini Tutorials ONE - The Mini Tutorials One contains the following 5 videos: Tipple Topper Bottle Toppers, Elf Shoes, Hummingbird, Little Owl, and Snail.

Mini Tutorials TWO - The Mini Tutorials Two contains the following 3 videos: Butterfly, Geese, Nest, and Paverpol Hardened Wool Egg.


Mushrooms - There is no supply pack for this tutorial, the sky (or the ground?) is the limit for this project.

Oldfield Mouse Tutorial - make four mice with wire armatures from start to finish. Compatible with our Oldfield Mouse Supply Pack

Otter Tutorial - Compatible with the Otter Supply Pack

Pig and Piglet Tutorial - Compatible with the Pig and Piglet Supply Pack

Pony Tutorial - make a pony with wire armature from start to finish. Compatible with our Wild Pony Supply Pack

Pumpkin Tutorial - Have fun with pumpkins! Compatible with the Pumpkin Supply Pack

Raccoon Tutorial - Compatible with the Raccoon Supply Pack

Rooster, Hen and Chick - This does not have a supply pack due to the wide variety of rooster and hen possibilities. This set of files is for the 4 part Rooster, Hen and Chick Tutorial.

Sheep and Lamb Tutorial - Compatible with the Sheep and Lamb Supply Pack

Sleepy Tutorials - Contains instructions for the Sleepy Bunnies, Sleepy Mice and Sleepy Squirrel Tutorials. Compatible with the Sleepy Bunny, Sleepy Mice and Sleepy Squirrel Supply Packs.

Snowshoe Hare - Compatible with the Snowshoe Hare Supply Pack

Song Bird Tutorial - Compatible with the Song Bird Supply Pack

The "Techniques One" set contains the following: Getting Started, Building a Small Armature, Begin Sculpting, Skewer Technique, From Knot to Egg/Ball, Making Tiny Toes, and Attaching Long Fibers.

The "Techniques Two" set contains the following: Figure Armature, Sculpting Faces Part 1 and 2, Cloven Hooves, Troubleshooting-Armatures, Troubleshooting-Wool, The Original ZulliTool.

The "Techniques Three" set contains the following: The Digitwidget, Creating an Eye, Hand Carding, Feather Construction, Horse Hooves, and Swax Applications.

The "Techniques Four" set contains the following: Face Ace, Pindle, Grab and Stab, Tacky Wrap.

Tortoise - Compatible with the Tortoise Supply Pack

Wet Felted Flower - This does not have a supply pack due to the wide variety of flower possibilities. This set of files is for the Wet Felted Flower Tutorial.


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