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Fiber in Person

Following the journey of our felting community as we explore the endless possibilities of fiber art.

In 2021, I was approached by a California Producer who wanted to create a felting competition show.  This has long been an idea here at Sarafina ( I can’t even tell you the fun conversations we have had indulging in this dream!), but of course being approached by a big gun in that world was such a thrill.  When the networks didn’t buy it, the producer’s ideas turned towards other ways to get our craft in the limelight, some of which, to me, lacked the depth of what is happening here.  No matter a formal production, I was irrevocably stirred to get our stories out there.  Long before our brush with fame, we have been receiving heart felt emails explaining how felting has touched the lives of many in cogent, positive ways.  This is what I want to celebrate.  This is what I want to elaborate upon and for people to know.  Of course, those of us on this site already know, but some day, some way, I will extend the miraculous, healing, therapeutic, impact of fiber art outward as much as I possibly can.  

The Sarafina Chronicles is where I will begin this mission, sharing your stories.  This is your page.  These are your words.  Thank you for sharing your stories.  I read and feel every word.  If you would like to share your felting story, be it friendship, artistic discovery, fiber therapy, source of income, teaching… please email me at sarfinafiberart@gmail.com.  We will be adding stories regularly.

Sarafina Chronicles

Transformation, Not Loss: Chanah
In addition to the gifts and “thank yous” which Chanah is sharing with us, her story resonates with me on a much deeper level.  As I write this, this very day, my own world has been filled with the reminder to loosen our grip, or even better, let go!  When we do, a swoosh of newness, limitlessness, and freedom come to us.  We are prone to believing that our identity lives in our cultivated ways.  And so we cling to them, when in fact, the transformations throughout our lives, whether it is a move, divorce, aging, or our career do not define us.  Yes they are the shapes of us, but like a caterpillar who must let go of that self, and liquify (I imagine that’s painful!), we can fly as a butterfly.  I am so happy, Chanah, to read that you are embracing new and different and, even more so, to be a part of it.   -Sara
Triumph over Trauma: Hannah
Those of us who have discovered needle felting can all relate to the first year full of “boom” moments when we found ourselves happily stabbing and discovering all this medium has to offer. Hannah’s story has an added layer of healing; I will let her words tell that part.  To add to the good vibes, Hannah’s story/email arrived on a day that I needed it.  Isn’t it funny how that happens?
Experiencing the World with Fiber: Sarah

Sarah came to my shop with Leisa for a multi-day course and they burned an impression on my heart.  I selfishly am so happy to have made this connection and for Sarah to have found felting amidst a busy and demanding, yet love filled, life backdrop.  Once again, felting has lifted spirits and made connections, and in this case, become an important tactile aid.  -Sara

Also an Artist: Mary
Mary’s story covers vast terrain.  Felting has lead to the discovery of artistic talent, sharing and community, an economic avenue, and an important resource during hard times.  I love seeing how Mary’s work has evolved, especially given that she thought she was the non-creative black sheep in the family. Her attention to detail always impresses me.  Thank you for sharing your story and your work with us, Mary!
Rediscovering Creativity: Dineen
Dineen is a bold creator.  I have enjoyed watching her art evolve, along with her confidence in her impeccable aesthetic.  She and he husband Tom attended many classes and I love seeing a couple who creates together.  Thank you Dineen, for sharing your story with us and being a part of our creative world.
BFFs (Best Felting Friends): Polly and Sue

So much good comes out of this art form.  Is there anything better than friendships formed, bonds created, and soulmates united?  Your stories spoke to me deeply.  Polly, I am thrilled to know that your health has improved so much.  Here's to many more hours felting over coffee and messenger. -Kyla

I love witnessing Polly’s felting abandon and how upbeat personality is injected into everything she makes.  I am also happy for the felting friendships that form.  I have my own BFF’s and understand completely.  Sue has found, not only her felting-soulmate,, but her art voice.  All of those little things we try/do/learn, no matter if they feel like failures, become an important part of our design.  - Sara

Finding Flow in Felting: Jinny F.
Thank you, Jinny.  We have heard from others who found felting during times of stress and heartache.  I like your point about it being easy to hop up and step away from, yet the craft is also completely absorbing.  The concentration, the stabbing, the natural fiber, and the joy of creativity are all contributors to our sanity, healthy coping mechanisms.  I am thinking of you and yours as we include your story in our Felting Chronicles.
A Magical Manifestation: Sara Renzulli
We start with the felting journey of Sara Renzulli, artist and founder of Sarafina Fiber Art, Inc.  So many have started their own felting journeys as a result of Sara's.  Learn the story behind how it all began, and how all of the pieces fell into place through fate, fortune, and fortitude.