Tools & Hardware

Tools & Hardware


      Needle-Felting & Fiber Art Tools

      Excel in fiber art with quality tools that make the process fun. Every craft relies on specialty tools; Sarafina has gathered and innovated top quality felting tools for you. Original Sarafina designs like our felting surface, the Stabbit Wabbit, the Zullitool and Diget Widget, and our wax line, give you and edge on fulfilling your vision. Our organizational Tool Tote will keep your items from being misplaced.

      Whether you are just starting or practiced, Sarafina has the tools you need. For beginners, we have needle-felting starter kits. We have a range of of felting needle gauges and styles to let you realize the difference in crafting fibers. As you grow and expand your knowledge of the tools of the trade, Sarafina Fiber Art has the needles, felting tools, carders, wax products, wires, and more tools necessary to take you to the next level.

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