Needle Felting For Beginners

Welcome to the world of stabbing or felting wool until you turn a pile of fluff into art and all the while your heart is singing! I have been felting for 12 years and will never tire of the miracle and fun of it. On this page, you will learn what you need get started, find helpful fiber terminology, and unlock a new passion in your creative life.

Getting Started

Needle felting can be as simple as stabbing wool into a ball, but the possibilities are complex and endless. Do not become daunted. Just start at the beginning and follow your skill and growth to the next level. We recommend watching our Getting Started video to begin to familiarize yourself with the process and what is involved.

Terms and Fiber

The wool and fiber industry has its own jargon. Felting, needle and wet felting, also utilize many unique terms. Add to that, Sarafina has created our own lingo, and you are sure to become confused! Please watch our Introduction to Fiber video to begin to unravel fiber terminology, understand what fibers suit which techniques, and most importantly, how to ask more questions.  You can also review our Fiber Overview document at the bottom of this page that describes how to best choose fiber for any project.  This document is also available as a free downloadable PDF: clptube24000001s6ehmg48j7


When you are ready to buy supplies you need a few tools and some wool. For tools, we recommend at the minimum, a Stabbit Felting Surface and Needles. Sara often uses her Zullitool, Face Ace, and Pen and Punch tools but these are not necessary to begin. Sara has also created several natural wax based products to assist in our sculptural process. Each of these tools also has an instructional video so that you can see them in action.  Once you fall in love with felting (and we suspect you will!) you can consider getting one of our Tool Boxes.

Supply Packs

Next, all you need is some wool! Supply Packs are a great way to start because they have all the fiber needed and a detailed video tutorial to guide you along your way. Our supply packs have levels so that you can choose your way on up to a level 5, Baby!

Create an Account

If you place an order on our website, please consider creating a customer account with your email and a password. We have a Rewards Program where points will accrue on your purchases, and those points can be redeemed for gift certificates to be used on a future purchase.  Additionally you will have access to order tracking and your past purchases for reference.

Sarafina Community

If you have any questions you can call us, email us, and or join our Facebook Group called Sarafina Felting Fanfare. We also recommend signing up for our newsletter (which can be done at the bottom of this page) and subscribing to our YouTube channel. We have been doing live felt alongs on our YouTube channel as well. You also don't want to miss Fiber Fairy Fridays. Learn more about Fiber Fairy Fridays on our FAQ page. You can check out our calendar for upcoming events.

Fiber Overview