Supply Pack: Sleepy Bunny - Level 1
Sleepy Bunny Supply Pack
Supply Pack: Sleepy Bunny - Level 1
Supply Pack: Sleepy Bunny - Level 1

Supply Pack: Sleepy Bunny - Level 1

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This project is perfect for beginners and fun for any level! The Sleepy Bunny Supply Pack contains the materials needed to follow along with the Sarafina Sleepy Bunny Tutorial on YouTube. You can make about 6 bunnies in white, gray, or tan with many possibilities for markings.

Note: If you are just getting started you will also need a felting surface and needles. Also, this project uses the Zulltool; you may want to consider investing in one so you find the most success following the tutorial. Please see our Tools and Hardware Section.

Makes 5-6 Sleepy Bunnies:
Plenty of Core Wool
Top Coat and Detail colors

This Supply Pack is a LEVEL 1.

We have rated each of our Supply Packs according to our Needle Felting Rating Scale. This scale will help you determine if a project is within your range, assuming you have not felted before or have worked with mainly Sarafina® tutorials and methods. You can see a breakdown of the scale as the last image in the item photos.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Really easy to make and plenty of wool to make all the sleepy bunnies . Watching how to make them was great . Very happy with purchase .


You guys are great! Plenty of supplies for my bunnies! Thanks again! I am a customer for life.

Cindy Lebarron
Sleepy Bunny's

I have loved making these Bunny's,,, I always keep 3 on my alter, and give away they others to who ever wants to give them a home. They really come to life.

challenging beginner kit

I am new to felting so i decided to try the Sarafina method of needle felting . I had only felted 2 things prior from a cheap china kit but had no trouble but the wool was awful and full of chemicals. . The wool in Sarafina kits is top notch and a sweet relief to work with. The challenge with the sleepy bunny kit for me wasn’t so much the bunny kit but rather choosing to use the zully stick to make them. I had a lot of trouble with the core coming unwound after taking the wool off of the zully stick. I went through a lot of wool. I also kept getting the arms too big by using too much wool so be careful to keep your layers thin. By the time i made the sleepy eyed aspect of the bunny, I decided that i just wasn’t into the sleepy bunny look. I wish i could say that i completed a sleepy bunny but i can’t. I decided to morph the bunny into a sitting position and popped in some black glass dot eyes. It came out supper adorable. I have a lot of wool left from the kit and i will practice with the Zully stick and eventually finish a sleepy bunny! All in all, Sara’s videos are awesome and i actually learned a lot. Her tool kits are awesome. I love the leather guard, felting burlap pad, and measuring guages built I am determined to get better at using the zully stick. I love a challenge. I am for sure hooked on this craft and look forward to making realistic 3D animals. Felt on my fellow pokers

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