Sarafina's Needle Felting Needles: 40 Gauge Reverse

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Sarafina® carries top of the line felting needles that work best for a variety of applications.  The gauge number is inverse to the impact of the needle: therefore, a lower number gauge has large impact while higher number gauge is for fine details.  If you think of working from the inside of a project, outwards, 36 leads to 38 and then to 40 or 42.  Felting needles also have different shaft shapes, triangle, star, and twist which add to the needle's performance.  

40  Reverse - The reverse needles are a fun way to fuzz, blend, and/or undo and add depth to your project.

This package contains 8 needles.  Our packaging doubles as a handy place to keep your needles organized.

See our Sampler Pack containing 2 of each gauge (36, 38, 40, 42 and 40 Reverse).

We also offer the 36, 38 and 40 gauge needles in bulk packages of 25.

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