Experiencing the World with Fiber: Sarah

You know I'm crazy about you.....what a difference your craft has made in my life. You know my son Max is deaf blind and learns through touch. These needle felted creations are the perfect way to show him the world. One of my first creations was a needle felted mouse and cookie I made to act out our braille version of 'When You Give a Mouse a Cookie.' In my defense it looked a lot better before he fingered it. He loves pulling at the whiskers and squishing the wool....it seems to relax him.
 We also have a sack of animals that aren't ready for prime time but perfect to point out an animals' attributes. The goat has horns, the horse has tail and mane....etc. Max has limited exposure to real animals and the few he does encounter usually don't have the patience to tolerate Max's investigations. Personally I cant think of a craft that I have enjoyed more. I've always loved/been fascinated about animals and derive great satisfaction creating little friends. My family and friends have also enjoyed this hobby as they are frequent recipients of personally made gifts. I'm planning on using your songbird tutorials to make a Spring wreath for my daughter featuring a robin and nest with fuzzy babies for her new apartment.
Speaking of friends, my sister and best friend have taken up felting right along with me. Liesa and I just came from a weekend of felting in a hotel where we were uninterrupted by work/family responsibilities. We were following your owl videos.....I made the little white one, Liesa made a whole family of owls (she's much faster than I.) 
 And the timing could not have been better when Covid came. Those felt alongs you had were such a pick me up when society was locking down behind closed doors. I felt connected even though physically isolated and had focus to complete projects that I would not have done otherwise. I remember my husband really getting into photoshoots of my fish/ humming bird before I posted on facebook. You could see the pride in his eyes.  Sorry this letter is sooooo long but you asked. Love you girl!  Thanks forever!

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  • Sally

    I am loving these stories, and love how you have used felting to expand Max’s world. And I love, love, love your supportive felting community. Felt on!

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