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Tales of Oldin: Darkness

Oldin, an aged and weathered gnome is joined by his friend and companion, a field mouse named Tyke. They are searching the forest for food when they're stalked by a menacing owl. Quickly, they find safety in their home. Hunger seems to be the fate for the two friends, when suddenly out of the darkness, the menacing eyes emerge from the darkness. What happens next is a lesson for the ages. As Oldin smiles he shows that even a wise old gnome can learn new life lessons. What seems to be, is not always what it is, and out of darkness can come good.

LIVE Felt Alongs

Feather Felt Along

Whale Felt Along - Part One

Whale Felt Along - Part Two

Mushroom Felt Along

Koala Felt Along

Basket Bunny Felt Along

Sprite Felt Along

Spring Chick Felt Along

Goldfish Felt Along

Snails Felt Along - Part One

Snails Felt Along - Part Two

Sleepy Squirrel Felt Along

Mouse Felt Along

Mermaid Felt Along - Part One Armature

Mermaid Felt Along - Part Two - Body Shapes

Mermaid Felt Along - Part Three - Tail

Mermaid Felt Along - Part Four - Finishing

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Sea and Water Color Felt Along

Hummingbird Felt Along

Wet Felted Flower Felt Along - Part One

Wet Felted Flower Felt Along - Part Two

Pumpkin Felt Along

Nest Felt Along

Sleepy Mice Felt Along

Gnome Felt Along - Part One

Gnome Felt Along - Part Two

Witch Felt Along - Part One

Witch Felt Along - Part Two

Witch Felt Along - Part Three

Penguin Felt Along

Hedgie Felt Along

Bat Felt Along

Elf Felt Along

Snowman Felt Along


From Hobby to Entrepenuer Series

Part One: Introduction and Business Overview

Part Two: Business Name, Logo, and Branding

Part Three: Social Media and Growth

LIVE Facebook Discussions

Everything We thought you Needled to Know about Felting

Business Chat - Your questions answered


Fun Times at Sarafina

Life is Better with Friends

Fox Painting Progression Pastel Time Lapse

Wool Chimes

Fiber Fairy Magic by Lleona Chew

How to Fill the Stabbit Wabbit

Mannequin Challenge

Fiber Fairy Friday Explained

Pillow Talk 1: The 2015 Sheep and Wool Experience

Pillow Talk 2: The 2016 Sheep and Wool Recap

"The Real Milo" Barks: Outtakes

Milo's Song

Ask Milo-Answered


Felt Fit with Sarafina



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