2D Hare Tutorial

2D Hare 1: Project Layout and Background

We no longer offer the 2D Hare Supply Pack.  There are several fibers that we no longer carry as well, replacements are listed below.  For this project, you will need a prefelt background.  Our Imprimatura in Carbone (Dark Gray) line is perfect for it.  Any color Imprimatura could work for you!  The reference image is below the video links at the bottom of this page.

You will also need:

White top coat

Sandstone Top Coat (for the pale)

Marrakesh Merino (for the Chestnut)

Almond Top Coat

Spearmint Top Coat

Blue Raspberry Top Coat

Nut Merino

Shetland Top: Brown/Black

Black Core

Locks in light to dark, variety of textures

Yarn Pieces in natural colors


2D Hare 2: Creating the Body and Ears

2D Hare 3: Face and Finishing Detail