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Armature Wire for 3D Designs

Using the proper wire armature for needle felting gives you a head start on your 3D project. Our selection of 3D needle felting wire includes pipe cleaners for smaller projects along with various gauges of cloth covered wire and aluminum needle felting armature wire for you larger sculptures. Using a needle felting wireframe in your sculpture gives you a skeleton-like structure that mimics a real animal. Shop from our selection of craft wire for needle felting to help you create elaborate, sturdy and accurate needle felting sculptures.

To learn more about wire armatures for needle felting be sure to visit our tutorials page. We have many projects, ranging from simple loop armatures in the Hedgies to elaborate skeletal structures like the camel. Our troubleshooting video for armatures is particularly helpful! With our tutorials, you can develop your skills in proportions and utilizing the proper gauge craft wire for needle felting.

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Cloth Wrapped Wire: 22 Gauge - Brown Cloth Wrapped Wire: 22 Gauge - Black Sarafina Wire
Sarafina Wire 100 Natural Colored Chenille Stems Pipe Cleaners Sarafina Wire
Sarafina Wire Sarafina Wire Sarafina Wire
Aluminum Armature Wire
Our Price: $6.00
Sarafina Wire Tacky Wrap Sticks from Sarafina Fiber Art
Tacky Wrap Sticks
Our Price: $16.00