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Core Wool for Needle Felting

Core Wool provides your needle felting project with an easily shaped and felted base. Core wool is used to build volume and gives you a fast and efficient way to create shapes and bulk for your sculpture. Because our Core Wool is a mixture of a variety of sheep types and is woolen milled, it has a lofty and easily feltable texture. Our Core wool for needle felting comes in batting or roving. It’s easy to work with, so your project will take shape with our quality core wool for felting.

Sarafina Fiber Art has colorful samplers suitable for any skill level. From natural sheep colors, to custom dyed roving suitable for our projects including browns, flesh tones, brights, and jewel tones, a Sampler Pack is a great way to broaden your supply base to have what you need at hand. Our Supply packs or in house workshops will help you understand all the wool varieties and uses.

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Wolfhound Roving Wolfhound Roving 2oz
Our Price: $6.00
Wool Bits Wool Bits 4 oz
Our Price: $6.00

What is Core Wool?

Part of becoming familiar with needle felting is knowing what wool is right for the job. Core Wool is a category we have created to assure you that these rovings are the best for beginning your sculpture and making shapes. They work well because they are a blend of many different sheep types, creating a fuzzy but consistent, and easily felted texture. Of course you can also use any of these colors on the top of your sculpture, but we wanted to distinguish them from the other rovings as ideal for core.