Reindeer Series


      Reindeer are an advanced project for those with experience making armatures, wrapping wool, and creating basic shapes. You will learn how to make cloven hooves and antlers in addition to practicing working on color changes and blending.

      A reindeer of this size weighs about 3.75 ounces – to give you an idea of the amount of wool you need.


      1 22 gauge wire for antlers

      8 or more pipe cleaners for armature and antlers

      4 wires 14 gauge:

      head and front legs – 28”

      back and hind legs – 31”

      front and hind leg 2nd wire – 2 x 18”

      Core Wool:

      Body – either Off White, Ecru, Oatmeal, or Tan

      Face shapes and legs – any core brown

      Top Coats:

      Legs – Natural Black, Browns, or Grays

      Antlers – Sandstone or Tan

      Pelt – either Buck, Woodland, Chestnut or similar colors

      White Curls or locks for Neck

      Back and White for feet, eyes, and accents

      Blenders – Oatmeal, Tan, Natural Black.

      **If creating a white reindeer, you will want off white core and white top, the snow hare pelt, and white suri and/or locks for the neck. Oatmeal core will be a good color for blending, along with sandstone which you will still need for the antlers, and probably the legs. We suggest that you google some images of reindeer and find an inspiration then choose from the colors on this supply list.
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