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On this page you can access New Annex courses as well as Felting Eweniveristy and PhFD tutorials.

Rhino Eweniversity Course

Rhinos are a unique and intriguing presence on earth.  We will learn more about the white rhino, their habits, and their features as we create our sculptures. This course will provide you with a thorough framework from armature to finishing details.   Over the course we will make a needle felted White Rhino with a wet felted skin that is approximately 11" long and 8" at his shoulder.  We will explore proportions, problem areas, and gain understanding of anatomy, necessary shapes, and details.

View the Rhino Eweniversity Course overview here

This course is for level 4 felters and above, priced at $95.

Hound and Dog

 Eweniversity (+) Course

Join us here to em-bark on the Hound and Dog Course.   Our goal is to give you tools for your approach to dogs of all breeds through the creation of the hound sculpture and additional support material.  The course takes you step by step through the hound project with three additional dog breed armatures as well as overview of various breed characteristics.  As we know, dogs are all shapes, sizes, colors, and characteristics.  It's impossible to cover the array in one course.  But hopefully, after this course, you will feel that you have bound ahead in your ability to needle felt dogs beyond the hound. 

View the Hound course overview here.

This is a Level 3 and above course, priced at $125.

There is also a Hound Supply Pack available here.

Horse Course:

Philosophy of Felting Doctorate

Horses are one of the most challenging and rewarding sculptures.  Their specific shapes and traits take some effort to understand and portray, especially in wool.   I am still learning with every sculpture.  This course will provide you with a thorough framework that has grown from a lifetime of effort and inspection.  Over the course we will make a 9-10" (at the withers) needle felted horse.  This is about 1/6 scale.  We will explore proportions, common misconceptions and problem areas, and gain understanding of anatomy, necessary shapes, and details.  You will have access to a materials list as well as all reference materials and video tutorials once you have registered.  This course is for Level 4 felters and above, priced at $145.  Click here for an overview of the Horse Course. 

Dragon Eweniversity Course

We hope you will enjoy our first Felting Eweniversity On Demand Course

for the Sarafina Annex! 

Dragon: 24" Wet and Needle Felted

"I am not a dragon person," I insisted.  I am now!  Dragons are a bountiful basket of fiber art opportunity combined with armature and felting technique propulsion.  From detailed talons to the freedom of characteristics and color choices, you will find this project liberating, creative, and informative.  We will explore the project step by step, in detail, through six prerecorded lessons.  I have six dragons under my belt now and bring everything I have learned (along with the input of 30 previous course participants) to you along with custom reference material.   This is a Level 3 and above course, priced at $95.  Click here for an overview of the Dragon Eweniversity Course.

Felting Eweniversity Tutorials

Below are links to Felting Eweniversity Tutorials of days gone by.  Priced at $42.

You can find project overviews as well as supply lists and the link to purchase it on the Sarafina Annex.

Wolf Felting Eweniveristy

Lion Felting Eweniversity

Reindeer Felting Eweniversity

Santa Felting Eweniversity

Bear Felting Eweniversity

Owl Felting Eweniversity


Philosophy of Felting Doctorate Tutorial

The Elephant PhFD was our first "highest level" tutorial.  We will be adding more to the Annex as full courses.  You can still enjoy the video tutorial for the massive elephant project, priced at $58. 

Click the link below for a supply list and tutorial access options. 

Felting Levels

Below is our scale of skills and abilities to guide you as you decide if you are ready for the Eweniversity and PhFD tutorials.

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