Online Workshops

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I blogged once about the unexpected flow of goodness into the empty hole of space created after I made a gigantic mistake.  I am finding the same true in this unusual change in our lives.  A door has opened through the magic portal of the internet and technology (which I am sometimes cursing) into your crafting spaces, your smiles, and new interaction.  I am grateful for this opportunity, this new experience, and all that it brings.  We have received a lot of love about how much it is helping you all, but it is helping me too.   I look forward to every session and class.

We have a few formats for online felting, conversation, and learning.  Please explore the options below and let us know if you have any questions or need any help navigating the possibilities.  

Felt Along:  Since the end of March 2020, Sara has been hosting live Felt Along Sessions using YouTube.  She announces and posts the upcoming week's project on Sarafina Fiber Art page on Facebook.  She also shares a link to live video there when she starts.  Lately, the Felt alongs have been Saturdays at 1pm EDT but please be sure to check time and day in case they change.  You can see what Felt Alongs are coming up by visiting our calendar.

Online Instruction:  Sara is hosting several formats of personal instruction.

How does it all go down?  

  • Registration is through the following external website  for which we are grateful if not fearful.
  • Once on the site, you will follow the "Next" button, skipping the Sara Milo pic that has to be there, to until you get to "Service" you will scroll down until you see the service, class, or course, that you would like.  
  • Once selected you will choose the perfect date and/or time. 
  • Next you will be directed to complete the registration through PayPal, the only every so slightly painful part of the entire lovely process.   
  • If you are not able to complete payment immediately, your space is held for 2 hours while you try to figure out what the heck is going wrong.  But you will and all will be well.  
  • Once registered you will receive a rather generic email through the automated system.  Yay!
  • If you are taking a course with supplies, you will receive a very exciting email from Sara with a list. 
  • A day or so before the class you will receive your zoom meeting link, again, it's an email - mid level exciting.
  • On the day of the course, all you have to do, besides check your teeth and hair and make sure you are wearing a shirt, is click the zoom link.  We will see you there!

Consultation with Sara:

20 minutes $30/45 minutes $50

A 20 minute one on one will be a targeted topic or questions as time allows.  I can give feedback, help with a specific project, help with trouble areas, or answer questions regarding fiber, techniques, or tools; It's really up to you how you would like to use your time.  A 45 minute one on one gives us time to learn your felting history and goal, go into detail on a specific project, such as, armatures, fibers, proportions, techniques, etc,  and wrap up with a plan or direction.

Fiber Focus Class:

90 minutes $40

Beginning with fiber types, we will work our way through wool breeds, industry wide terms, Sarafina specific terms, the right fiber for the job, working with locks, and blending for color and texture. The Class will start with introductions and your goals.  Then Sara will give an overview of her information.  We will conclude with questions.  There is so much to learn in the wonderful fiber art world!  Class limited to 8 and for everyone.

Armatures class:

90 minutes $40

In the 90 minute Armature class, Sara will give an overview of wire gauges, how she figures out an armature, and things to think about in terms of using them to the best degree.  We will also discuss individual questions and trouble-shooting techniques.  Class is limited to 8 and for everyone. 

Pricing and Selling Class:

90 minutes $40

Pricing work for sale is one of our most frequently asked questions.   This is my favorite subject!  This class is for learning not only how to price your work but tips and insight to online sales, craft shows, and commissions.  Class limited to 8 and for everyone.


Times and Prices Vary

Courses are a series of classes.  You must be available to attend each scheduled class so please pay special attention to the dates and times.  Courses will also be categorized by a felting Level.  It is important that you are felting at a certain level because the course may jump in with an expectation of certain skills and without explanation of those skill sets.  Courses are designed to foster independent yet guided work with the support and help from others in the course.  Courses sizes will be between 8-10 people.