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The Crew at Sarafina Fiber Art, Inc.

Left to Right: Marsha, Nick, Kyla, Sara, Mary, Jennifer, and Talbot

We think we are cool and tough...maybe?

The Art House Dogs

If you stop by the Art House you might see Milo and Finley.
Our crew represents many other furry, four legged friends as well!

Sarafina Fiber Art, Inc. is committed to creating and conducting business in an eco-friendly environment. Without sacrifice of quality wherever possible we reuse, reduce, and recycle.

  • Whenever possible we reuse and/or use eco- friendly packaging materials.
  • As we continue to grow our efforts in being green, we are finding that many products that we use are not yet available in a sustainable form. We are always looking for green alternatives to incorporate into our business.

Customer Testimonials
As a returning customer, I must express how unique Sarafina is. The generosity in teaching us, superb customer service and high quality fiber and supplies are a few reasons I shop Sarafina. Those are all expected qualities you want from businesses. The bonus factors are your wonderful personalities that are so much fun and genuine, keeping us in tune with what’s going on in Sarafina with Facebook Live streaming, the generosity in the FFF incentives, and the family atmosphere that has grown among all the Facebook group members that are so encouraging and sharing tips is why I LOVE SHOPPING SARAFINA!
A big hug and thank you to everyone at Sarafina. -Maria

Tonight I started my 2D bunny. My kit had arrived, I watched the videos all the way through first, which honestly I've never done. I usually watch and do my own interpretation all at the same time. Sara makes it look so easy and effortless. I thought ok I'm going to do this on my own without following along. I'm an experienced felter, right? NOT!! Made it two minutes, which means I basically could make the outline of the bunny without help. Wow such talent I have! Lol. So I got the background and the bunny body done and decided to wait til tomorrow night for the rest. Right now I need a drink and some perspective. So I brought it with me to get a drink and guess what? When you are more than 18 inches away from your work and have had an Irish mule to calm your nerves, things look better than you might think! Not sure if the drink or the distance gave me more perspective but it did make one thing very clear....Sara you are an amazing talent! Thank you so much for Sharing and teaching us (ok me) that art is more than the final product or piece. It's about the journey, the humor (thanks Milo), the sense of peace we feel when doing what we love, but most of all its the camaraderie we feel when felting along. Seeing everyone do similar things while following along and then sharing them makes us feel connected. We all struggled along together. Felting for most of us is solitary, except when you are there with us with your talent, tips, and tricks on your videos.
Thank you to the whole Sarafina Team. And to you Sara, Bravo! -- Kelly G.

I'm fortunate to live close enough to frequent Sara's shop. The genuine thoughtfulness and integrity of her leadership have not gone unnoticed by me. I'm no business woman, but i think there is a lovely and intelligent spirit about her shop that could be a model for any business large or small. I'm impressed by the thought she puts into her business decisions and their environmental as well as human impact. Wish more business owners would do the same but as consumers there are things we can do as well. Having said all that, I learn so much by the posts and comments of each of you. You have encouraged and shared generously. Thank you! -Chris

"Rode in the rain today and saved myself $10 on riding at the indoor so that pays shipping! Having way too much fun..." - Deborah on her thriftiness so she could buy another kit.

"I've looked everywhere and you are the only one with wonderful easy to follow needle felting instructions." - Pam

Sara, I love the fox. He is sitting regally on my mantle watching over everyone. And the ability to change his position into sitting, sleeping, running, really cool. Thank you for a wonderful piece. – Hellen


My favorite wool supplier!!! Wonderful service! - Angie

Custom carded batts by Sara are simply always spot on! - Yvonne

I watched the ZulliTool video and knew I had to have it. Solved a lot of problems with just one tool. - Kerry

I use Ewe Smooth to create some tack on my fingers when working with wool. Doesn't leave them greasy. - Kerry

About our Chunky Core Wool: This wool is the perfect texture for core work - love it! - Kaaren

As always beautiful fiber, good communication and quick service. - Bonita

I love everything about the wools I received! My dream goal now is to try everything in the store!! I found amazing wools and great, caring, helping, smart people in this store. It's like no other I will keep coming back to this store. I would highly recommend, it's so worth it! I could go on and on! I'm very excited and happy I found them!! I was stuck on what to get for wool for my favorite new hobby and this is the best wool I've used and touched! What a difference! You guys are amazing! Keep up the great work!! Sorry for the long review I'm just super happy and excited!! - Alana

Perfect and fast shipping! Very excited! Beautiful colors and amazing wool!! Will be back!

LOVED this fox kit. The materials were beautiful and abundant. The video tutorial was clear and precise. My 12-year-old received the kit for Christmas from her older sisters and we made it together. We are both thrilled with the results and she plays with it daily. Thank you. A good value. A beautiful project.

Everything I buy from Sarafina felts fabulously! - Bonnie

This was my first attempt at building an armatured animal. The tutorials are excellent and there was ample wool in the pack to redo some of the areas I was unhappy with. Have just started my second mouse at it is going very well. The service and product value from this vendor is unsurpassed. - Cindy

Gorgeous wool. Very pleased with packaging and service. Will definitely order again. - Fiona

About our Stabbit Wabbit Felting Surface: What an amazing invention! I hated using foam...this is ideal! So wonderful, a must have! - Hope

Thank you so much for another wonderful puff bunny! What a delightful treasure and so beautifully made. Your work is outstanding and will bring smiles for many years. - Debbie

Sara is not only a great artist, but a great person as well. She is always willing to answer any questions I may toss her way. Her animals are so cute...they are like potato can't have just one! - Monica