Imprimatura Prefelt Sampler: High Chroma
Imprimatura Prefelt Sampler: High Chroma

Imprimatura Prefelt Sampler: High Chroma

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If you want to try several of our Imprimatura Prefelt colors, this is the way to start. You will get 5 quarter-sheet pieces of our beautiful house carded prefelt. Included in this sampler is Fresco, Pavone, Lussuria, Paessagio, and Sfumato. Pieces are approximate in dimensions between 10"-12"

Also available is the Imprimatura Prefelt Sampler: Low Chroma, which includes the other 5 colors.

Imprimatura is an initial layer of color on a canvas in painting. It provides the painter with a toned ground which can then unify the process and show through paint layers. I like using this technique to remove glaring white and set a tone for the main subject, whether it's a complimentary color, a certain value, or a color used throughout the painting. The term itself is Italian and literally means "first paint layer

Our Imprimatura line of prefelt was created to be the perfect compliment to your 2D or 3D wet or needle felted piece. We start with a house carded batt, made on Dante, our carder. Each batt is then divided and hand stacked and stretched. The batts are then partially felted on Josephine, our felting machine. They are the perfect weight for 2D work and can be pulled apart or further felted.

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