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      Wolf Series (Adaptable for a Dog)


      Wolf Supply List

      The Wolf is an advanced project for those with experience making armatures, wrapping wool, and creating basic shapes. You will learn how to make the armature, shapes for the wolf body, paws, eyes, a furry pelt, and add the finishing details and coloring. The supplies that you will need for this project will vary based on the wolf that you wish to create. Basic supplies are suggested below.

      14 gauge wire
      32” - head and front legs
      34” - shoulders, back and back legs
      20” - extra leg support
      18” - extra leg support

      5-6 Chenille Stems
      1 22g wire for the tail

      1/8 of 1/4 Brown or Gray Prefelt approximately 5x7"

      Approximately 3-4 oz Off White Chunky Core

      8-12” each:
      White Top
      Natural Black
      Black Core
      Medium Gray
      Dark Gray

      1/2 oz Each mix of natural Top Coats of your choice:
      Fawn Shetland
      Moorit Shetland
      Gray Shetland

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