Owl Series

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      Owl Series

      The Owl is an advanced project for those with experience making armatures, wrapping wool, and creating basic shapes. You will learn how to make the armature, beak and claws, shapes for the owl body, eyes and feather, and add the finishing details and coloring. The supplies that you will need for this project will vary widely based on the owl that you wish to create. Basic supplies are suggested below.


      3 wires, 14 gauge:

      cut to 21", 29" and 40" lengths

      Black Pipe Cleaners

      Core Wool:

      Off White

      Tan (a possibility for legs)
      Black (eyes)

      Top Coats:

      Natural Black (claws and beak)
      Pelt Suggestions: Snow Hare, Tawny, Buck, Woodland
      Accent colors for the eye: butternut, sweet corn, dijon merino, patina merino, blue accent such as sky merino)

      Specialty Fibers:

      Suri Alpaca
      Sheeps Curls

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