Sarafina's Original Stabbit Wabbit Felting Surface

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New and Improved!

Not 'cho Momma's felting surface: Okay, so chances are your Momma wasn't a needle felter but it's fun to say and makes the point that we are working smarter and more environmentally friendly whenever we can. Sometimes moving forward means looking back, and that's what we did, to natural durable materials... our new felting surface is 100% natural, long lasting, and when it does wear out, you can even throw it in your compost bin!

The Stabbit Wabbit is a double layer, double stitched burlap felting pillow measuring about 9x12 inches, with a work area of 8x10 inches. Our new design allows you add your choice of fill (we like about 3 lb of rice) and close with the convenient drawstring. We were able to lower the cost, as well as the shipping cost by mailing it empty. A natural fill, like rice, sets to a firm and stable back drop for your 3D work. (If you plan to do extensive 2D direct felting, maybe work on your old foam.)

Note: The surface is inherently different from working on foam. You may have to lift your work off if you are repeatedly stabbing in one place to prevent interlocking. After you adjust you will no longer notice, it just becomes a part of your method. Also, move your work around the surface and use the other side to evenly wear your Stabbit Wabbit - it will prolong the life.

Should you eventually wear a hole in your Stabbit, you can add a Stabbit Patch to your next order.

Customer Reviews

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Lose the foam!

When I began needlefelting, I learned to use upholstery foam as a felting surface. When I first saw the Stabbit Wabbit, I was a little hesitant to trust it, but as soon as I got one and began using it, I left foam behind forever. Besides its obvious ecological superiority over foam, it is a responsive surface that can adapt to all kinds of shapes. I have no solid data to prove it, but my needles seem to last longer since I started using the Stabbit. It holds up to intense needling much better than foam, and in an emergency, you could even cook the rice inside and eat it! On top of everything else, it has two-inch markers along one edge, which I’ve found very helpful as I put together a piece, especially a more complicated one. The smaller versions give you even more access to awkward angles and curves.


Hi quality product, great company.


Love this stanbit pad it’s the perfect size for projects I’m working on!


Love love love this!!! It’s cute and it works awesome. I like it because it’s not just a flat piece of foam.

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